App Development

Need an App for your hardware or want to connect it to the cloud? Our software development approach is both user-centric in design and data-centric in application, ideal for complex industrial, laboratory and medical applications.

We sit at the junction between the hardware manufacturers and end-users to ensure seamless mobile experience for your device.

Our core skills include:

  • Native mobile application for iOS and Android
  • Information architecture and requirements analysis
  • Experts in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection to devices
  • Prototyping, User Experience and User Interface Design
  • Data management and cloud service integration
  • GPS, iBeacon and geofencing
  • Automated Testing and Continuous Development

Whether your still at proof-of-concept stage, completing feasibility studies on prototypes or already have a completed end product, we are here to help.

Instrument Design

Developing sensors or tools that you need to turn in to instruments.  Looking to commercialise your research. As well as developing our own instruments we support our customers developing their own.

We believe instruments should be elegantly designed and simply to use regardless of how complex they are on the inside.

We can help with:

  • Instrument  and Interface Design
  • Algorithm development including image analysis
  • PCB development
  • Prototype construction and testing.

Our services are designed to help compliment your own teams technically abilities to bring your instrument to market.

Lab Pilot Engineering

Do you need to build pilot-scale equipment for your lab.  Our team of experience engineers and researchers have decades of experience developing systems for use in research and industrial applications.

We are passionate about developing simple, reliable and robust tools to allow our users the time to focus more on the data that they generate and less on the design and setup of their experimental tools.

Core design and delivery functions we can provide include:

  • Process flow and instrumentation design
  • Sensor and actuator specification
  • Data acquisition and analysis services
  • Construction and commissioning
  • Remote monitoring and on-going support

Whether you have a detailed picture of the system you need – or need help developing your ideas – we can help

Case Study

Building a Wireless Membrane Bioreactor

Building a Wireless Membrane Bioreactor

Monitoring pH in a sealed environment

Monitoring pH in a sealed environment

Presentation at APCChE

Presentation at APCChE

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Have a project and would like to learn more about how we can help.  Send us your email address and well be in touch with details about our process and previous work.

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