Jonathan is a PhD student in the Thordarson group at UNSW Australia. Their research group is developing supramolecular peptide hydrogels for biomedical applications. These hydrogels are highly responsive to various stimuli such as pH.

“The BlueBox makes taking time series data in a sealed environment extremely easy” Jonathan, PhD Student

The Challenge

The challenge for Jonathan is that the experimental setup requires an inert atmosphere chamber. This makes traditional pH meters near impossible to use. Measurements also need to be taken at regular intervals for up to 24 hours making hand writing data from a traditional instrument impractical. The group needed a device that could monitor the pH change of the gels over time during formation, while wirelessly transmitting data outside of the environmental chamber so they can be recorded.



The Solution

This was the perfect application for the BlueBox-pH meter, which was placed inside the chamber and transmitted its data to the DataWorks app, installed on the researchers smart phone outside. Other features of the DataWorks App which assisted greatly in this work were: 

  • The ability to check and annotate the data was it was recorded
  • The simplicity of emailing data directly to colleagues
  • The simple and intuitive calibration process for the pH electrode
  • Recording the calibration history of the electrode, helping ensure that it is regularly calibrated and in good working order

The system is so simple and intuitive to use that it is the perfect piece of equipment to assign students getting their first taste of research, as it enables them to produce results with high transparency, meaning that Jonathan is always confident in the quality of their work.

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