Simple and reliable data acquisition


A powerful process control and data acquisition toolkit

DataWorks is a revolutionary data acquisition system that allows you to wirelessly connect and record data from a range of sensors. By provide a simple and easy to use interface – we significantly reduce the time it takes to setup and start collecting data.


Key Features:

  • Wirelessly connect and acquire data from up to 10 sensors at once
  • A simple and intuitive user interface – making it quick to get started and easy to master
  • Location awareness allows you to store and manage GPS locations with your dataset. Also ensures that you can return to the right location when measuring regularly in the field.
  • Flexible data logging allows you to record data manually or at regular time intervals at a rate of up to 10Hz.
  • For sensor that require it – simple calibration procedures with on-screen instructions. Stored calibration information is also linked directly to the data you have recorded with it.

Built on top of the DataWorks App – Control allows you to develop customised HMI and control schemes for your experimental apparatus or pilot plant.


Key Features:

  • Includes all data acquisition features available in DataWorks
  • Wirelessly connect up to 10 sensors and actuators at once
  • Easily design custom interfaces and visualisations using HTML, including charts, gauges, indicators etc.
  • Control your actuators with simple on/off control, using setpoints, or automate with digital PID control.
  • A customised control scheme to suit your needs for your experimental apparatus or pilot plant system

What can I control?

DataWorks-Control is able to connect to all of the instrument included on our instruments page. In addition we are able to use our custom control units which is able to turn existing sensors or actuators with standardised outputs such at RS-232, RS-485, USB, 0-5V or 4-20mA analog into wireless devices.

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